Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Outlets

Fans attending events at Domain Stadium will enjoy a unique food and hospitality experience.

Domain Stadium offers an extensive range of food & beverage options, with all the footy favourites plus, many more specialty outlets and point of sale technology so fans can get back to the action faster.

Fans will also be supporting local producers when they purchase food at Domain Stadium including DBC and Harvey Beef.

100% Satisfaction

100% Satisfaction on all Food & Beverage items at Domain Stadium.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it for a complete replacement.

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The West Deli

The West Deli provides a range of footy favourites including hot chips, cheeseburgers, fish & chips and hot dogs.

Locations: Gate 19 Live, Blocks 130, 125, 145, 140, 121, 110, 153, 209, 346, 337, 321

The Chippee

Lots of your favourite Hot Chips with a variety of yummy flavours including, cheese and gravy, garlic fries and chilli cheese fries.
Vegetarian option – Garlic Fries.

Locations: Gate 19 Live

Stack Burger Co

Stack Burger Co offers a gourmet range of burgers to tantalise everyone’s taste buds including the Classic Stack beef burger, Peri Peri chicken burger, Mushroom burger and Pulled pork burger.

Locations: Blocks 133 and 245 (GF | VEG)


The Chipper

The Chipper offers crispy lattice fries loaded with a variety of toppings including chilli and pulled pork.

Locations: Block 133 (VEG)

130754 Precision - BUDS - fit out
Prinz of Vienna 250px

Buds Diner

A range of specialty items. Each Buds Diner serves a variety of items including Hot Dogs, Baked Potatoes and Nachos, Fish Tacos, Chips and Gravy.

Locations: Blocks 123, 103 and 340

Cleaver & Coop

Chicken your way! Choose your chicken, choose your sauce and choose your side.
GF – grilled chicken salad

Locations: Gate 19 Live


World’s Finest Coffees! Serving your favourite Dome beverages so you can enjoy in your seat.

Locations: Block 137

Prinz of Vienna

Coffee and Desserts. Introducing the cupcake donut…a must try!

Locations: Gate 19 Live, Blocks 103, 143, 240

130754 Precision - G19 Gt Aussie BBQ Top


Variety of BBQ Items including the old favourites with some products featuring a twist. Check out the chefs weekly special.

Locations: Gate 19 Live (GF)


GF – Indicates GLUTEN FREE option available

VEG – Indicates VEGETARIAN option available

Please note that food and beverage outlets locations and menus are subject to change.